Working Together – Ensuring Jobs for Spouses

Photo by: Jousia Lappi. Copyright: City of Tampere

Are you hiring, or have you recently hired international talent to Tampere? Would you like to ensure they are committed to working with you in the future?

Support and find jobs for international employees' spouses!

We are looking for employers to participate in our 'Working Together - Ensuring Jobs for Spouses' service. Our goal is to help out spouses of people that have moved or are about to move to the Tampere region to work. To ensure a smooth landing for international employees, it is crucial to guarantee that employees' families can settle in their new home country and city. That's why Barona, Arffman, and the city of Tampere are teaming up to provide jobs and support to international employees' families.

Help your employees' families settle in

Employees with strong social networks are more committed to their job and employer. It is essential to guarantee that the employee's family can settle in the new home country and city. That's the key to turning brilliant recruitment into long-term employment.

Our services for employees' spouses

  1. Finding a job

    Our goal is to find a job that matches their professional orientation, skills, wishes, and life situation.

  2. Finnish language studies

    Learning the language helps employees settle in Finland. We direct the spouses to Finnish language training provided by Arffman.

  3. Residence permits

    Navigating the Finnish permit system might be difficult. We will help out with immigration-related permits.

  4. Looking for an apartment

    We help the families find just the right place for them to live in.

  5. Counseling

    We offer counseling and guidance for any concerns relating to living and settling in to Tampere.

Are you interested? Let's get to work!

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Anu Päivinen
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Nuppu Suvanto
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