Working Together - Ensuring Jobs for Spouses

Photo by: Jousia Lappi. Copyright: City of Tampere

Are you planning to join your spouse who is working or coming to work in the Tampere region? Would you like to find a job? Do you need support with language studies, residence permits, or finding an apartment? We are here to help!

If you are joining your spouse, we will help you search for work and direct you to the right services. Our free-of-charge service package includes guidance on language training, support in official matters, and other issues related to moving to a new country.

When moving to a new country to work, your whole family's life changes, and you might need help and support to settle in your new home country and city. Finding the right services to support you and your family is essential to make the place you live in feel like home and we are here to support you settle in Tampere.

You are what we are looking for if

You have recently moved or are about to move to Finland from abroad.

Your spouse is working or coming to work in the Tampere region.

You are looking for a job or support with settling in the area.

Our services

  1. Finding a job

    Our goal is to find you a job that matches your professional orientation, skills, wishes, and life situation.

  2. Finnish language studies

    We will direct you to Finnish language training, provided by Arffman.

  3. Residence permits

    If you need help with immigration-related residence permits we're happy to help.

  4. Looking for an apartment

    We offer guidance and help in finding a place just for you.

  5. Counseling

    You can get counseling and guidance for the first month.

Interested? Let's get you signed up!

Are you interested? Apply now!
Are you interested? Apply now!If your spouse is working or going to work in the Tampere region and you'd like our help, don't hesitate to fill out an application!Apply now!

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Maaria Hytönen
Maaria Hytönen
Service Director, Arffman
Nuppu Suvanto
Nuppu Suvanto
Service Manager, International House