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Business cybersecurity service: BIT SEC Cybersecurity Platform

Cybersecurity is one of the cornerstones for ensuring business continuity. BIT SEC Cybersecurity Platform, offered by Barona and Check Point, is an exceptional cybersecurity service for companies. In the Nordic cybersecurity market, it is a completely new and unique comprehensive solution for managing cybersecurity.

With the BIT SEC Cybersecurity Platform, business continuity is secured through the means of cybersecurity. It is simply highly effective, functional, and resilient service in the long term, whether you consider it from the perspective of cybersecurity strategy, costs, or compliance. This service helps prevent threats to current operations and ensures that cybersecurity does not hinder future innovations and growth.

The foundation of this service is Check Point’s MDR-based, AI-enhanced technology and a service package that automatically handles 98% of all anomalies. It is complemented by Barona’s 24/7 response and IT support.

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Barona and Check Point – Industry Leaders Collaborating on Business Cybersecurity

The BIT SEC Cybersecurity Platform, designed for businesses, has emerged from the collaboration of two top Nordic expert firms in their respective fields. Check Point contributes technology and global service solutions, while Barona provides specialized first level response and support for cybersecurity to assist the client’s information management or IT partner. The result is a completely unique solution for comprehensive management of a company’s cybersecurity.

“Now, let’s raise the bar for cybersecurity services: it’s not enough to merely identify, classify, and react to attacks. In Barona and Check Point’s solution, attacks are genuinely prevented before they even occur.”
Ari Puustinen, Business Director, Barona IT Solutions
Ari Puustinen, Business Director, Barona IT Solutions

BIT SEC Cybersecurity Service scope

What makes Barona and Check Point’s cybersecurity solution unique?

  1. Comprehensive Cybersecurity Service

    Instead of relying on individual point solutions from multiple vendors, you gain access to an integrated cybersecurity service.

  2. 24/7/365 Protection

    Your systems are continuously safeguarded against increasingly sophisticated and challenging cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. AI-based technology detects and handles 98% of anomalies in real time, while experts manage initial responses and react to incidents, ensuring round-the-clock protection.

  3. Holistic, Real-Time Situational Awareness

    You receive a real-time view of what’s happening in your systems right now. No need to wait for monthly reports; information and data-driven recommendations are immediately available for decision-making and development work.

  4. Proactive Prevention Over Reactive Measures

    Continuous monitoring of your system environment, rapid detection of attacks, and proactive response are the hallmarks of AI and technological expertise. Whether dealing with massive amounts of data, exceptions are addressed within milliseconds, with 98% of anomalies handled without human intervention.

  5. World-Class Technology and Experts

    You have access to a combination of MDR (Managed Detection and Response) technology continuously developed by the most skilled cybersecurity experts from Check Point, along with Barona’s finely tuned response and customer service specialized in the IT field – available around the clock.

  6. Cost-Effective and Effective

    When compared to our clients’ existing solutions, there is consistently the potential for savings of hundreds of thousands in overall cybersecurity costs. The superior speed of AI combined with skilled cybersecurity experts makes this solution the most efficient in the Nordics, both in terms of results and costs.

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How Does the AI-Assisted MDR Model Differ from Traditional Personnel-Dependent Cybersecurity Solutions?

Comparison between analyst dependent SOC model and AI empowered automation based cybersecurity service

The traditional Security Operations Center (SOC) model relies on the expertise and availability of cybersecurity professionals. Their focus is on interpreting alerts raised by the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system: Is the alert genuine? What type of attack is it? What exactly is happening in the systems? Which information sent by the system is relevant, and which is not? Where should immediate attention be directed? Additionally, experts prioritize, communicate, and report incidents, often in monthly summaries. In this scenario, your company’s cybersecurity can be at the mercy of the expertise, performance, and vigilance of a few individuals. Such an approach is often reactive.

On the AI-enhanced and automated cybersecurity platform jointly developed by Barona and Check Point, massive amounts of data collected from various systems flow into the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Here, artificial intelligence handles 98% of all anomalies and events: monitoring, identifying, analyzing, reacting, and even anticipating threats. The system actively seeks out potential issues and provides recommendations for preventing similar problems. The role of cybersecurity experts is to monitor system performance, communicate events to clients, analyze real-time situational awareness from the MDR system, and propose related improvements.

The BIT SEC Cybersecurity Platform Service Model

Barona and Check Point's BIT Cybersecurity Platform service model

The traditional approach to providing cybersecurity services, which relies on personnel-intensive methods, has reached its limits. Attacks occur 24/7, and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. There is a significant shortage of cybersecurity experts, and the skill requirements continue to rise as attacks evolve. Technology and AI already exist for proactive and preventive cybersecurity. Let’s put them to use now.
Ari Puustinen, Business Director, Barona IT Solutions
Ari Puustinen, Business Director, Barona IT Solutions

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Ari Puustinen
Ari Puustinen
Business Director, Barona IT