Raflateam – Come and spend a different kind of night at a restaurant!

Have you always been fascinated of what happens behind the scenes in the restaurants and hoped you could find your way to work, with flexible hours, in the catering business? Check underneath all our trainings and apply now to our Raflateam training! We will teach you all the necessary tricks and skills you need to start your future career in restaurant industry. If you are looking for a job on the side of your studies or different job, this might be the answer to your call, keep reading!

Are you still unsure of your plans for the springtime and summer? Wondering where you could get some pocket money to spend on all the summer activities, but also wish to fill in your CV? Or maybe you are looking for 360-turn in your career, wishing to change to a completely different business sector. Working in the catering business you will learn a diverse set of valuable skills needed in life and any future job: customer service, teamwork, managing stressful situations and working under pressure. On top of this you will have a front seat to the restaurant world and the immersing trends or concepts!

This is your chance to join the fast-paced catering business without any previous experience. We have coached hundreds of new talents in the past and we will be able to give you the skills needed to begin your new founded career. So, take the chance and jump into the Raflateam gang at Barona!

Unfortunately our Raflateam video is in Finnish but hopefully you can still enjoy it!

Raflateam in a nutshell

WHAT: Raflateam is a two-day training that teaches you all the basics of working in the catering business. After the training you will have the opportunity to work in different hospitality concepts through Barona.

WHERE: There are trainings organized all over Finland, from Helsinki to Oulu. You will find all the available trainings below and apply through there. Note that you can not attend this training remotely.

FOR WHO: This training is meant for anyone who is interested working in the catering business but does not have previous experience. We will train you, therefore you simply need to be motivated to work in this business sector.

WHY: You will get a fast lane into the catering business! We will teach you all the necessary tips and tricks working in restaurants, you will learn to understand the different tasks and get to train in real life, through practical exercise. Raflateam-training gives you important skills and confidence to begin your first shifts in a restaurant.

WHEN: The trainings will begin in February and run through the springtime. Find the most suitable training for you below and apply now! Please do note that not all of them are organized in English.

Spring 2023 Raflateam trainings


  • Helsinki, Raflateam, 8.3.-9.3.
  • Turku, Raflateam, 20.3.-21.3.


  • Helsinki, Raflateam, 5.4.-6.4.
  • Tampere, Raflateam, 5.4.-6.4.
  • Helsinki, Köksäteam, 11.4.-13.4.
  • Tampere, Raflateam, 12.4.-13.4.
  • Jyväskylä, Raflateam, 12.4.-13.4.
  • Helsinki, Raflateam, 19.4.-20.4.
  • Turku, Raflateam x Bar, 24.4.-25.4.


  • Helsinki, Raflateam, 3.5.-4.5.
  • Vaasa, Raflateam, 8.5.-9.5.
  • Savonlinna, Raflateam, 8.5.-9.5.
  • Vaasa, Raflateam, 17.5.-18.5.
  • Helsinki, Raflateam, 17.5.-18.5.
  • Kuopio, Raflateam, 18.5.-19.5.
  • Turku, Raflateam, 22.5.-23.5.


  • Helsinki, Raflateam, 7.6.-8.6.

Helping you launch your career in catering business

After this short but intensive training you will have the basic skills and tools to start to work in the catering business. You will get the opportunity to work in one or several different client companies of Barona, either in restaurants, bars, events or even coffee shops. You will be able to choose yourself which shifts you can do and fit it in your schedule. However, most of the work is done in the evenings or weekends.

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