Happiest country in the world looking for nurses – come and work in Finland!

Happiest country in the world looking for nurses – come and work in Finland!

Are you a skilled nurse looking for new challenges? 

Look no further – here is your opportunity of a lifetime to work in the happiest country in the world!

Why Finland? Here are just a few of the reasons why Finland is the happiest country in the world: The country is safe and the crime rate is low, the standard of living is high, and we have subsidised education and healthcare for all. Work-life balance is important to everyone, free time is highly valued and hierarchies at work are low, which means that everyone is evenly appreciated. On top of this, we have versatile and pristine nature and everyman’s rights allow you to roam freely in the woods.

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In collaboration
In collaborationBarona offers you different kinds of opportunities to work in Finland and other nordic countries. Barona is the biggest and most well-known personnel service company in Finland with a strong footprint in other Nordic countries, committed to social responsibility. We offer you a vast range of different career possibilities in various fields, for example in social- and healtcare, IT, restaurants and hospitality sector and industrial&construction. If you consider moving to Scandinavia, Barona is the right partner for you. EDI Staffbuilders Ltd. Handles all the recruitment from the Philippines to Finland. With EDI-SBII´s presidential status you can be sure that all your matters are handled with high ethical responsibility and you will absolutely not be charged any placement fee or any other illegal or unethical extra payments or costs. Do you have any questions? Please contact us: aris.metin@edistaffbuilders.com